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Platanos Prepaid Card
"Platanos PREPAID Card" - Prepaid Parking Time Card            
If you visit the area often, Platanos Prepaid Card is a flexible way to use the car park whenever you like. (1) 
Parking with your Prepaid card is fast and easy. Forget about paying every time you use the car park!

Get your Prepaid card at the central cashier and fill it with the desired amount.
Use your Card to park any time
- for only €1,75 per parking hour, which is deducted from your card balance(2),
- with maximum daily charge  €7 per daily visit / use of the Station.
The card is rechargeable and therefore you may add money to acquire additional parking time.
The minimum initial charge/fill is thirty euro (€30). 
Other Usefull Information
The Card is used as Access Card (for entry - exit) for the car and the driver - cardholder declared for it, all the days and hours of operation of the car park, throughout the period of validity of the Card, if it contains at least the minimum cash balance of €1,75 for parking minimum time of 1 hour.

Access is easy, fast and fully automated, simply by presenting the Card at the devices (card sensors) at the entry and exit of the station respectively.

The Card is valid for one year starting from the initial charge. It is renewed for a another year, each time the card is recharged with an additional amount of a minimum of fourteen euro (€14). 
After the expiration of the initial 14 days from the issue date of the Card, any unused balance, is agreed non refundable.
Initial minimun card charge 35 euro.

In case of insufficient balance on the card at the exit of the car park, the Card Holder recharges / refills the card at the Central Cashier. If the driver does not curry the Access Card, the PLATANOS SQUARE PARKING SA is entitled to refuse parking at a registered vehicle and allow entry, parking and exit from the station only on payment of a fee, based on the current price list for the  transit customers who issue a ticket when entering the Station (short term parkers).
The Customer pays a guarantee of five euro (5,00 €) upon receipt of the Card. The Customer pays this amount in case of replacement of the Card for loss, damage or destruction thereof.
Platanos Prepaid Card is an asset of PLATANOS SQUARE PARKING SA and if not renewed or at the end of its validity, it is returned to the parking Station and thus the amount of the guarantee is refunded to the Customer
(1)   The use refers to any available Standard parking space of the car park
(2)   the charge of each hour is applied from the beginning of every hour.
(3)   The use of the Card is not combined with any other of the Station.